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, Fifth Edition


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, Fourth Edition

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, Third Edition


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, Second Edition

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, First Edition

DB2 Developer's Guide
by Craig S. Mullins

As a professional DB2 developer your days are extremely busy. Not only do you need to understand DB2, but you also need to understand programming and design issues, SQL, data modeling, operating system internals, on-line transaction processing systems, performance monitors, third-party tools, distributed data, and office politics. Wouldn't it be nice if there were a place to turn for advice? Well, now there is!
DB2 Developer's Guide, (originally published by SAMS Publishing, Inc.) by Craig S. Mullins and published on IBM Press, is the leading DB2 text in the industry. Containing more than 1,600 pages of in-depth technical information, DB2 Developer's Guide provides a comprehensive DB2 text that is not simply another book on SQL syntax and DB2 basics. It draws upon the author's day-to-day experiences as a DB2 system administrator, database administrator, and database analyst. The book is designed for ease of use both as a learning tool and a reference.
Read what the experts say about DB2 Developer's Guide:

  • "For Version 8 of DB2. The latest edition of a classic book on DB2 for database administrators and application programmers. No one can match Craig S. Mullins for knowledge of DB2 and clear presentation style. Your webmaster has put past editions of this book to good use and considers the money well spent." - American Programmer
  • "By far the best book I have ever bought. Whether you are a DB2 expert or just want to broaden your knowledge, a systems programmer or a programmer, this book contains an enormous amount of data which is beautifully presented." -
  • "The only book to surpass Craig Mullins' DB2 Developer's Guide is Craig's second edition of that book. I found this work to be both a comprehensive tutorial on all aspects of DB2, and at the same time the most valuable reference book on DB2 for MVS. Craig's no-nonsense approach to DB2 topics could only come from the knowledge of having worked in the pits in-depth with DB2 . . . If DB2 is your profession, this book belongs on your desk." - Richard Yevich, DB2 Consultant, RYC, Inc.
  • "This is an excellent book . . . It is chock full of DB2 technical information, design and tuning approaches and database administration guidelines . . . In an organized and coherent way, Mullins seems to have dumped his entire DB2 life experience into DB2 Developer's Guide . . . (it) presents literally everything programmers and DBAs need to know about advanced DB2." - Jonathon Sayles in Relational Database Journal

  • "Once you've picked up and read DB2 Developers Guide, you will know why people on the DB2 List Serve forum refer to this book as the BIBLE. You will find that the DB2 Developer's Guide is a comprehensive guide for both the beginner and experienced in DB2... What makes this book unique is the case studies illustrating various DB2 10 features and capabilities. - Troy Coleman in IBM Systems Magazine DB2utor blog
  • I cannot say enough about the DB2 Developer's Guide! - Troy Coleman in IDUG Solutions Journal
  • The DB2 Developer's Guide is a must buy for both inexperienced and DB2 experts alike. I am amazed at the amount of information Craig covers in the DB2 Developer's Guide. - Chris Foot in The Data Administration Newsletter

  • The best DB2 book on the market just got better..."DB2 Developer's Guide" has the potential to pay for itself many times over if you follow its useful design and performance advice. If you use DB2 in your workplace, the most recent edition of "DB2 Developer's Guide" should definitely be on your bookshelf.  Read it to save yourself an enormous amount of pain and suffering. - Ron Shirey in Relational Database Journal

  • "This book (contains) . . . a wealth of comprehensive, well-written information . . . Craig Mullins' book, DB2 Developer's Guide, will go a long way toward helping DBAs find the information they need . . . Mullins has done a good job of transforming highly technical information into easily understandable text." - Chris Foot in Database Programming & Design

  • "Now that much of the industry is using DB2, I believe that Craig Mullins' book will become a classic reference that most of you will want to keep on your desks." - Steve Loesch in PLATINUM SYSJOURNAL

  • This was revised and updated for DB2 Versions 4 & 5, and still the definitive massive tome of DB2 programming and application development. The book guides you through the major components and DB2 internals from a practitioner's perspective . . . this is a very good practitioner's guide and reference. -
  • DB2 Developer's Guide is a complete reference for the DB2 professional. It is a perfect tool for finding the options available to the DB2 developer, and steering you to the right method - Gregory Amov in Computing News & Review

  • "The book is not only the size of a small encyclopedia it is also just about as comprehensive." - Books & Bytes News & Reviews
  • Check out and/or order Craig S. Mullins' new "DB2 Developer's Guide." It'll make a nice addition to your DB2 library. -

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