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DB2 Developer's Guide, 4th edition

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Sample Chapter: SQL Tools, Tips, and Tricks

DB2 Developer's Guide, Fourth Edition
by Craig S. Mullins
The fourth edition of DB2 Developer's Guide has been published and is now available in book stores, over the web, and from the publisher. All of the information you have come to rely upon in previous editions is now revised to be up-to-date for DB2 Version 6.

The book has been completely revised to be current through Version 6 and includes in-depth coverage of DB2 Version 6 topics such as:

  • Coverage of the features no longer supported by DB2 and advice for how to manage if you currently use these features
  • Extensive information on the new procedural database objects supported by DB2 UDB including triggers, user-defined functions, changes to stored procedures, and procedural SQL (SQL procedures language)
  • A separate chapter on effectively managing and administering procedural database objects - Procedural DBA advice
  • Implementation information and guidance for large objects to store multimedia data such as audio, video, and images in your DB2 for OS/390 databases (BLOBs, CLOBs, DBCLOBs, and DB2 extenders)
  • Coverage of the new DDL options and their impact (e.g. LOB table spaces, EA-enabled partitioned table spaces, DSSIZE, DISTINCT TYPE, and auxiliary tables)
  • How and why to use the new EXPLAIN tables - DSN_STATEMNT_TABLE and DSN_FUNCTION_TABLE
  • Information about the new DB2 Catalog tables and columns
  • Information about all the new features of DB2 V6, including (but not limited to) predictive governing, hiperspace buffer pools, the REBUILD utility, and more!

Includes completely updated coverage regarding changes to DB2 SQL, utilities, and commands. And, as in the past three editions, new and updated tips and guidelines for achieving optimal DB2 performance.

Includes completely new chapters covering:

  • Built-in Functions (includes coverage of the dozens of new functions provided in DB2 Version 6, as well as coverage of the traditional built-in functions)
  • User-defined Functions and User-defined Distinct Types - how and when to implement them and do so in an efficient and effective manner
  • Triggers, including information on how to create a trigger as well as advice on when and why to use triggers
  • Implementing large objects (LOBs) and object/relational databases using DB2 for OS/390

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