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DB2 Developer's Guide

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DB2 Developer's Guide
DB2 Developer's Guide
DB2 Developer's Guide              Click here for info 
Third Edition                                 on Fourth Edition 

by Craig S. Mullins                                     

The third edition of DB2 Developer's Guide is now available. The book has been completely revised to be current through DB2 Version 5 and includes in-depth coverage of:

DB2 Version 5 topics such as:
  • large partitioned table spaces
  • CASE expressions
  • temporary tables
  • dynamic reoptimization
  • selective partition locking
  • Sysplex parallelism
DB2 Version 4 topics such as:
  • in-line views
  • row level locking
  • outer joins
  • stored procedures
  • type-2 indexes
  • "dirty read" (UR isolation level)
  • CPU parallelism
  • data sharing
Changes impacting all new releases:
  • PLAN_TABLE changes
  • DB2 Catalog changes
  • utility changes
  • performance changes
  • new and revised tips, techniques, and guidelines throughout the book
  • icons indicating which features are new to V4 and V5
And new chapters covering:
  • DB2 and the Internet
  • Data Warehousing with DB2
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