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Technical Tips for DB2 for z/OS  (for CDB Software)

WHERE versus HAVING, May 2014

Optimize SQL by Replacing UNION with CASE, March 2014

Fetching Multiple Rows, January 2014

Variable Data Guidance, September 2013.

Finding and Transforming Nulls, July 2013.

Guidelines for Figuring Free Space, May 2013.

Date and Time Arithmetic, March 2013.

Ask For Only What You Need, January 2013.

The Perils of Bachelor Programming Syndrome, Q4 2013.

ORDER BY an Expression, Q3 2012.

Find The Number of Commas, Q2 2012.

Excluding Alphabetic Characters, Q1 2012.

Which is better? BETWEEN versus “<= AND >=”, Q4 2011.

Selecting Every Other Row, Q3 2011.

Reading Things That Aren’t There… and Missing Things That Are!, Q2 2011.

Removing Superfluous Spaces, Q1 2011.

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