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Microsoft SQL Server Articles 


SQL Server Transaction Log Guidelines., April 2003.

Denormalization Guidelines for SQL Server Databases.
SQL Server Update, December 2000.

Character Versus Numeric Data Types
SQL Server Update, October 2000.
The 'Top Ten' Problem.

SQL Server Update, September 2000.

Transaction Log Basics.
SQL Server Update, June 2000.

Creating SQL Results Sets with Aggregate and Detail Data
SQL Server Update, April 2000.
Using Nulls in SQL Server
SQL Server Update, September 1999.

Using CASE Expressions
SQL Server Update, August 1999.
SQL Server and the Procedural DBA
SQL Server Update, July 1999.

Using the Identity Property
SQL Server Update, May 1999.
Using Views in Microsoft SQL Server
SQL Server Update, February 1999.


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